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A Tribute To Sonic Flash Icon

A Tribute To Sonic Flash

A tribute to Sonic The Hedgehog, simply click play and watch and see how "Daman" paid tribute to the amazing SEGA characters and iconic mascot Sonic The Hedgehog.

Amys Gift to Sonic Icon

Amys Gift to Sonic

Amy the hedgehog gives sonic the hedgehog a very odd gift. I think it maybe a single pair of panties. Watch the full animation to see what it is or will be.

Awesome The Hedgesome Icon

Awesome The Hedgesome

Sonic the hedgehog's awesome adventures with tails even though half the time tails is a bit slow to catch up with things. Created by Egoraptor and done in his whacky inspired ren and stimpy slap stick humour animation style

Brawl Is Here Icon

Brawl Is Here

Brawl is here, When brawl gets released this gamer cant wait to get his hands on this game.

Chemistry with Sonic  Icon

Chemistry with Sonic

Chemistry with Sonic, If you want to learn something more then this is something to watch otherwise do not watch it..

Chemistry with Sonic 2 Icon

Chemistry with Sonic 2

Chemistry with Sonic 2, a continued version of Chemistry with Sonic but with a little more Chemistry...

Dark Sonic vs Super Shadow  Icon

Dark Sonic vs Super Shadow

Dark vs more darkness... what a epic fight this will be.

Egg Spice Icon

Egg Spice

What makes eggman smell like eggman?

Every 8-Bit Sonic Mix Ever Icon

Every 8-Bit Sonic Mix Ever

Sometimes people need a reminder what console sonic came from.

Game Nonsense Icon

Game Nonsense

Whee, smashed 2 populair movies from deviantart together here since both of them are to small for a newgrounds solo I'm afraid. One horribly programmed Duckhunt game(but fun to kill nintendo characters i guess ^^ ;) and sonic battle in 2 minutes. So anyway enjoy its random as hell lol...

Good-bye Chao Icon

Good-bye Chao

This is what properly happens to chaos.. (it ends with the dino.)

Heinous Anus Zone Icon

Heinous Anus Zone

Heinous Anus Zone the idea that will just never be. But still a funny idea if it ever came to light by sonic team but its a short flash so have a quick laugh.

I am Shadow the Hedge Icon

I am Shadow the Hedge

hog... a very funny epic animation with randomness to boot..

Little Flash Animation Shadow loop Icon

Little Flash Animation Shadow loop

It is only shadow in the wind its a flash loop.

Metal Steed Icon

Metal Steed

Robotnik comes up with a weird invention which he thinks will end that hedgehog once and for all.

Mina the Mongoose Storm loop Icon

Mina the Mongoose Storm loop

A flash loop of Mina the Mongoose in a rain storm.

More Brawl Taunts Icon

More Brawl Taunts

More Brawl Taunts, More epic taunts of brawl that you all love but at the same time hate...

my legend of sonic p1 Icon

my legend of sonic p1

A different type of flash movie for sonic...

my legend of sonic p2 Icon

my legend of sonic p2

The continued adventures of legend of sonic...

my legend of sonic p3 Icon

my legend of sonic p3

More random adventures of my legend of sonic part three...

Night of the Warhog Icon

Night of the Warhog

Night of the Warhog, Its christmas and shadow robs houses at random but they visit a ghostly house... I wonder whats install for them...

Pimpi Sonamy Icon

Pimpi Sonamy

A flash from Argentina with amy and sonic singing Duo Pimpinela which kind of relates to there relationship.

Poke Shadow the GAME Icon

Poke Shadow the GAME

click on the button to annoy shadow but watch out as he has some werid reactions to it...

Pwned Sonic Icon

Pwned Sonic

Click sonic to begin and watch as all the tricks in the world get played on everyone with sonic...

Red Hedgehog episode 2 Icon

Red Hedgehog episode 2

A joke about sonic music featured in the game.. oh and the ending is when it goes fuzzy.

Robotnik vs Bowser  Icon

Robotnik vs Bowser

Robotnik vs Bowser but who will win the fight.

Seaside Denied Icon

Seaside Denied

Sonic Paradox crew come together to create a full length song with jokes mainly in sonic heroes.

Sega Logo Introduction Icon

Sega Logo Introduction

Sega logo introduction remastered in flash animation with a loop too. It repeats it self constantly but you get the idea of it.

Shadow Brian Boitano MV Icon

Shadow Brian Boitano MV

From South Park the MOVIE the song called What would brian Boitano do? but more like What would shadow do?, Watch and laugh!

Shadow Collision Course An1 loop Icon

Shadow Collision Course An1 loop

A quick run of shadow sketch, it may loop its only a sketch.

Shadow vs GUN Short Loop Icon

Shadow vs GUN Short Loop

when shadow faces G.U.N, this is part of a collab which is why it is short.

Shadow VS Mecha Sonic Movie Icon

Shadow VS Mecha Sonic Movie

Shadow is vs Mecha Sonic but who wins...

Shadows CD Player Icon

Shadows CD Player

What does shadow listen to on his CD Player...

Shadows Complaints Icon

Shadows Complaints

Shadow Complaints more about various stuff to do with sonic and others.

Shadows Death Icon

Shadows Death

Dark Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog battle on the street while shadow gets reminders of the past with sonic. This comes with dramatic music which plays along in the background.

Shadows Fate in PictureMotion Icon

Shadows Fate in PictureMotion

A story of shadows fate.

Shadows Revenge 1 Redux Icon

Shadows Revenge 1 Redux

A remake of shadows revenge the start of shadows quest for power and world domination with his path of hate sweeping across the earth.

Shadows Revenge 2 Redux Icon

Shadows Revenge 2 Redux

A remake of the original Shadows Revenge 2.. very well done flash animation with a mini-game while the movie loads. Shadow is out to get every single one for his mass revenge on all that dares to step in his path, will he suceed or fail in his quest for ultra power of the world.

Shadows transformation Icon

Shadows transformation

A short animation on shadow transforming into super shadow..

Smash Bros X Icon

Smash Bros X

Sonic Vs Mario, Who will win, in this epic sketched animation.

Smash Bros X Gaiden Icon

Smash Bros X Gaiden

Part two of sonic vs Mario series as Mario dies Luigi then wants revenge but who will win in the final battle between Luigi and the others.

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 1 Icon

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 1

In This Amazing Animation Nazo steals the emeralds to gain the unlimted power from the chaos... Can Sonic and shadow work together for once and save the earth from destruction!?

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 2 Icon

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 2

Nazo steals the chaos in this continued story of complete epicness with shadow and sonic can they save earth!! or will it lead to desruction!

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 3 Icon

Sonic - Nazo Unleashed Part 3

The final flash of the never ending battle with shadow and sonic vs nazo can they really save earth from the emeralds chaos control or will it lead to never ending battles... Watch to find out...

Sonic - Super Sound System Icon

Sonic - Super Sound System

Sonic has his own super sound system which he likes to beat down to everyday of the week, Here it is for you to see yourself...

Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes 2wo Icon

Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes 2wo

Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes 2wo, With an ultra mayhem... 15mins of plain randomness from start to the finish...

Sonic 15th Icon

Sonic 15th

The funny adventures of sonic, As he goes through different types of modes and levels of humor...

Sonic Advance Crackups Icon

Sonic Advance Crackups

Sonic Advance Crackups, All the crackups of the advanced series games... all in one big funny flash!

Sonic and Shadow the collab Icon

Sonic and Shadow the collab

A big collaboration of a load of authors made this amazing flash animation with sonic and shadow and there own personal mix with it.

Sonic and Shadow vs Pokemon Icon

Sonic and Shadow vs Pokemon

Sonic and Shadow vs a load of pokemon, with battle twists at the end to choose the fate.

Sonic and Tails Icon

Sonic and Tails

Tails and sonic go high pitch with this outa the blue randomness...

Sonic and Tails - MJ Moon Walk Icon

Sonic and Tails - MJ Moon Walk

Sonic and tails moonwalk to michael jackson the song annie. Press play and watch the full song with lyrics while they break out and dance.

sonic and the gravity rule Icon

sonic and the gravity rule

So it does apply... kinda..

Sonic Asshole Icon

Sonic Asshole

At times he can be a real asshole.. but enjoy this really funny song! and the animator is clearly lazy.. lol Enjoy!

Sonic Bad Bubbles Icon

Sonic Bad Bubbles

This funny flash movie shows a situation where Sonic is trapped in a water tank and he needs some air. Watch this movie to find out what happens to him if he uses an air bubble...

Sonic Battles in Mobius Icon

Sonic Battles in Mobius

Sonic: Battles in Mobius, Sonic Vs Shadow. With tails, metal sonic and others throw into the epic mix.

Sonic breaks his neck Icon

Sonic breaks his neck

Oh dear. Sonic has broken his neck, and Eggman is taking full advantage of it...

Sonic Colors Alternate Ending Icon

Sonic Colors Alternate Ending

The altertive ending for sonic colors, using all his power up buddies to defeat the evil dr eggman.

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions Icon

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions, More action and more storylines than you can throw a sword at... its Sonic Cosmic Dimensions (Click onto the flash then Press Spacebar!)

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 2  Icon

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 2

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 2, The Cosmic Dimensions battles continued from the first of the series...

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 3 Icon

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 3

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 3, You can now fight by selecting the options to fight and also spacebar to skip the text parts... ENJOY THE EPIC BATTLE!

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 4 Icon

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 4

Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 4, Play the fourth edition of Sonic Cosmic Dimensions as the storyline gets even more deeper with cool interactive fights!

Sonic Da Hedgehog Does Stuff Icon

Sonic Da Hedgehog Does Stuff

Sonic the hedgehog but with a twisted weird version of him. Sonic goes even more random and odd with tails in this very funny flash animation.

Sonic Dark Chaos PT1 Icon

Sonic Dark Chaos PT1

A classic rivalry of Sonic and Metal Sonic, I always wanted to do a battle with them. Part 2 will not be out for while, it will be a battle with Silver Sonic II and Swatbots. The Swatbot-themed ship is a tribute to the Star Wars Eclipse Star Destroyer(like the Death Egg is to the Death Star). The music is from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Each song is awesome.

Sonic Dark Chaos PT1 Icon

Sonic Dark Chaos PT1

A classic rival battle between sonic and metal sonic, will eggman finally win this round?

Sonic Dark Chaos PT2 Trailer Icon

Sonic Dark Chaos PT2 Trailer

The trailer for the up coming release of sonic dark chaos part two.

Sonic Epilogue - Movie Icon

Sonic Epilogue - Movie

A very deep kinda movie with the people from SatAM...

Sonic Flash Icon

Sonic Flash

A flash game intro for a up and coming game Sonic Flash.

Sonic Generations Plot Icon

Sonic Generations Plot

A funny prospective of sonic generations and the entire franchise.

Sonic Good ol oldschool Icon

Sonic Good ol oldschool

Sonic Good ol oldschool, This is a tribute to the golden days of Sonic.

Sonic Halo Icon

Sonic Halo

A remake of the halo two opening with the voice over from halo and the characters from all times of sonic.

Sonic His world  Icon

Sonic His world

Sonic: His world, A song with sonic as the lead in his world.

Sonic in Crossing the River Icon

Sonic in Crossing the River

Sonic moves to the next level but oddly has to cross a rival of water to complete it. What could ever go wrong?

Sonic Legend of Blaze I Icon

Sonic Legend of Blaze I

The adventures of the legendary blaze, Watch the story of how blaze gets introduced into this world of sonic.

Sonic Legend of Blaze II Icon

Sonic Legend of Blaze II

When blaze turns all evil only sonic can defeat her, but can sonic step up his game to beat robotnik at his own mind games.

Sonic Legend of Blaze III Icon

Sonic Legend of Blaze III

The third installment of blaze rampage of evil, sonic needs to step up his game.

Sonic Lets Get It Started Icon

Sonic Lets Get It Started

A hedgehog music video with sonic, rouge, shadow, silver, knuckles staring in the video.

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 2 Icon

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 2

Sonic Matrixa Finale part 2 of 3

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 3 Icon

Sonic Matrixa Finale Part 3

updated version of Sonic Matrixa Finale 2/3 Redone, a Sonic Matrxia Finale 3/3 Trailer, among other updates to the flash..

Sonic movie madness 1 part 2 Icon

Sonic movie madness 1 part 2

Okay this flash artist is confusing me but i think this is the first one to the series... so enjoy!

sonic movie madness 2 part 1 Icon

sonic movie madness 2 part 1

sonic movie madness 2 part 1 in this flash things get random with sonic and the gang. enjoy.

Sonic movie madness 2 part 2 Icon

Sonic movie madness 2 part 2

See team sonic, team rose, team dark and team chaotix in their movie spoofs, in the main story line, the potential devorce of Sonic from Amy, by buring the ring in mount doom.. will they succeed.

sonic movie madness 2 Part 3 Icon

sonic movie madness 2 Part 3

Part 2 of the randomness of sonic movie madness 2 you have to play sonic heroes to understand this flash Enjoy the randomness.

Sonic Numa Numa Dance Icon

Sonic Numa Numa Dance

A tribute of famous Dragostea Din Tei song and Numa Numa Dance. Watch Sonic and Shadow doing Numa-Numa! Let’s dance with them! XD

Sonic Nyan Icon

Sonic Nyan

Sonic the hedgehog in nyan cat form with a chilli dog.

Sonic Oddball 2 Icon

Sonic Oddball 2

A Funny humor flash about sonic and many other funny things thats very odd. Enjoy!

Sonic Oddball Crackups  Icon

Sonic Oddball Crackups

Sonic Oddball Crackups, The first of the series in the oddball crackups of Sonic Oddball Crackups!

Sonic Purity lollypop Icon

Sonic Purity lollypop

I Wana suck on your lollypop! sonic buzzing to the lollypop tune. Enjoy!

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