Create A Fursona V3 ( Female Version )

Create a new type of female hedgehog / fursona from scratch with loads of different types of customisation to choose from, what will yours look like.

Simply click on what body part you'll like to edit then simply click the left and right arrow keys to change the shape, click on the red circle to reset that part to zero, you can also pick which colour you'd like the item to be or add in your on RGB colour code on which colour you'll like. Click on the I button for more information, the laughing emoji to 100% randomise the character if you select this you'll lose any progress you made and to do a 100% reset of everything click on the full reset button on the bottom right. If you'd like to go full screen simply click below the game X shaped icon below and press the Esc key on your keyboard to get out of full screen mode. press the light bulb button to darken everything around the game and that'll allow you to focus on just the game and nothing else. Be sure to leave a comment below on any helpful advice or tips you have for this game.


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