Hello Visitors,

As you can see EmeraldGames.com has undergone some major changes and has been moved across many CMS’s to the now CMS we are on, EmeraldGames should be back on top of our search results as we expand EmeraldGames to cover more content, more games, more videos, more everything on the website. I’m also wanting to make it clear that EmeraldGames will have a custom section for mobile and tablet visitors very soon with a line up of games you can use on those devices either through the browser or by downloading the app.

This is 2018 and EmeraldGames has some exciting and fantastic changes a head, for the content that might be broken currently as of February 2018, We are going through each item and fixing any flaws or missing content files or in some cases removing them if there is no viable replacement on hand for it. The animations that we can port across will be hosted on our YouTube channel and in some cases the authors channels with an added backup being added just in case.

Fixes being worked on now.

  • Broken content on all posts are being fixed and re-reviewed in case of any mistakes or even slight typos or errors on posts.
  • All previous url’s will soon be updated from the very old version of EmeraldGames and redirected to the current url’s they stand on, this will be take some time to do due having over 450+ posts to fix and redirect to the current locations.
  • Advertisements are now being reduced on all webpages, we know how they annoy you which is why we are only making a very small amount of locations available.
  • No popup advertisements will ever be introduced onto EmeraldGames.
  • All functions on EmeraldGames will now work correctly.
  • SSL will soon be getting introduced onto the website to help all visitors be more secure when visiting EmeraldGames.com
  • More spam protection will be added onto EmeraldGames to prevent this website being a constant target for spammers and spam bots.

This post was written on 25/02/2018